Koi Fish Pond : A New Beginning

Al and Joan T were moving and were very anxious about what to do with their fish and needed a Koi Fish Pond as soon as possible.

They found us during a google search and reached out to see if AquaReale could help. Al is a firefighter and he saved his money for quite a while to get a bigger pond at his new house. He had a very small pond at his current house. Al and his wife were concerned about their fish and the move. We assured them we would build the new pond first and then get them safely to their new home.

Koi Fish Pond Construction

AquaReale built Al and Joan an 11 x 16 natural eco-system pond in three days. We used Pennsylvania field stone boulders for a natural look and situated the pond in a prime spot in the back yard viewable from multiple windows in Al and Joan’s pond.

We got so much more than expected!

We put in plant shelves as well as fish caves, hiding spots for the fish if predators are near. The pond will soon be filled in with beautiful natural greenery.

Koi Fish Pond Praise

Al and Joan were very pleased with the results. “We got so much more than expected,” said Al. “This is the first pond I didn’t build myself and I am thrilled with the results.” “We are so happy with how this turned out,” added Joan. “Our grandchildren are going to love this!”

We are happy to report that we delivered all of Al’s fish safely to their new home with no casualties. The family is enjoying the new pond and their grandchildren have already found a new frog.

To see how we can build you a koi fish pond, contact us! We look forward to helping you fulfill your pond dreams too.