Pond Consultation Process

Because we’re not your typical contractor, our consultation process is a bit different as well. These simple steps are designed to provide a friendly, informative and low pressure experience to decide if AquaReale is the right pond contractor for your needs.

  1. Fill in your contact info and project details.
    Please fill out the short Contact Form. Include any special notes regarding your project in space provided.
  2. Upload some photos of the areas needing work.
    We don’t need perfect quality here, just cell phone photos will be perfect.
 If you’d like to have your existing water feature repaired, renovated or cleaned, please submit photos of an overall view, filtration and waterfall. For New Projects may only require 2 photos of your property where you would like to see a new water feature.
  3. An honest and detailed phone conversation about your project.
    Before we ask you to interrupt your busy life for a face-to-face appointment, we start the process with a 10-15 minute call to determine your needs. By the end of this call you’ll have an idea what your project will cost and whether AquaReale is the right pond contractor for you. No pressure, no games, just straightforward talk to see if we’re a good fit. Click here to schedule a call.
  4. Schedule a face-to-face meeting.
    Once you’ve determined that AquaReale is the right contractor for you, we can schedule an on-site consultation. During this meeting we will review your needs, provide a written contract and get your project scheduled. Its that simple.

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