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Get inspired with our latest Montgomery County Pondless Waterfall and flagstone patio!

We worked with Fill A Bagel in Jenkintown to create a small water feature outside their Jenkintown, PA store, but with the new Oreland store came a lot more opportunity.

Vicky and Charlie Ard are the owners of both locations and they own the physical building location in Oreland, located at 100 East Pennsylvania Ave, AND there was plenty of green space there!

Vicki wanted a patio for her customers to sit and relax and enjoy their breakfast and lunch sandwiches and bagels.

When we talked about doing a water feature at the store, we decided we could do the patio for the Ards as well, creating a flawless space that is soothing and relaxing. Customers can sit on the large sitting wall or on the patio chairs as they listen to the soothing sounds of water via bubbling rocks and streams. The Montgomery County Pondless Waterfall adds visual and auditory delight.

The patio is 16 x 14, made with Pennsylvania bluestone, irregular cut. “We tried to match the aesthetic of the building,” says Matt Reale, co-owner of AquaReale.

The results of a new pater and water feature…

Hundreds of people go through the stores each weekend and Vicky and Charlie wanted them to have a pleasant place to sit and enjoy their food “The patio turned out great,” said Matt. “It’s a cool and laid back place to hang out and eat your food. Since the patio is enclosed on three sides, it’s easier for moms and dads to keep track of their little ones. The Montgomery County Pondless Waterfalls have no standing bodies of water, just recirculating bubbling rocks and streams.”

The reason for a dry laid stone wall instead of mortar? “Concrete is needed for mortar on wet walls, and this can lead to more structural problems down the road,” explains Matt. “Dry laid stone won’t weather like a man made product will. Dry laid stone is more structural sound, as there is nothing to break apart or crumble.”

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