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Ready for some water in your garden? Try an outdoor fountain! Our beautiful water features fit many budgets and are a beautiful way to add calming, flowing water to your outdoors, without the maintenance of a pond.

It couldn’t be simpler. Pick your pond size that fits your yard and then select your options.

Outdoor Fountain 1

Your Choice of a: Stacked Urn, Rippled Urn or Scalloped Urn.

Outdoor Fountain 2

Medium Stacked Slate Sphere.

Outdoor Fountain 3

Stacked Slate Wall 32″

Outdoor Fountain 4

Two Spillway Bowls

String algae is not a pretty sight! Get ahead of the algae with the highly recommended Aquascape IonGen UV System.
Enjoy your pondless waterfall 24 hours a day with beautiful outdoor lighting. Bright LED lights help turn your pondless waterfall into an evening source of beauty and peace and make a wonderful nighttime focal point.
This water fill system works by automatically keeping the pondless topped off when it gets low. All that is needed is a hose bib within 75 feet of the pondless waterfall.
Create a showstopping entrance or backyard with our collection of urns, bowls and spheres. Use spheres, urns and walls in a variety of sizes to create your own custom package.






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