5 Pond Upgrades to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space!

Your pond is no doubt great already… but what if it could be better? Below we’ve listed five great pond upgrades to make your outdoor living space that little bit better.

Water Lilies

Who doesn’t love flowers blooming on water? If you want an additional natural touch in your pond, consider planting water lilies. Not only do they help keep your pond healthy, the array of colors will combine to make your pond a treat for the eyes too. Yellow water lilies are a lovely choice, as they beautifully blend with other flowers, and will liven up the space. You can choose from a number of different colors to suit your own taste and outdoor space.

Koi and Pond Fish

Fish and ponds are a perfect match. They help maintain the balance of your ponds ecosystem and add a splash of color to the space. If you want to add more natural beauty to your pond, get Koi fish. They will add color, movement and enhance its aesthetics. Plus, kids and adults will love feeding them so they’re fun for all the family!


Rocks are an important part of your Pond Upgrade. When used right, they not only naturalize and make your pond beautiful, but also enhance the ecosystem in your pond. By providing 12x’s the surface area for beneficial organisms to compete with algae and keep your pond water clean and clear, they are the perfect enabler to help maintain a healthy pond. There are many choices of rock types to choose from to place in and out of the water.

Aquatic Plants

There are many aquatic plants that are suitable for ponds. You can add natural splendor to your pond by letting these plants grow in and around your pond. You can mix and match different plants to create an almost wild look, or line different ones neatly around the edge of your pond to create a uniform look. It really is up to you! No matter what style of pond you have, you can be sure that there are aquatic plants that will complement it perfectly, making it a healthier and happier pond.

Waterfall or Fountain

Let’s make something clear, waterfalls aren’t only for large water features… They are for everyone! You can add a waterfall or fountain in your pond. It will not only enhance the appearance, but also have a calming effect on mind – with its soothing sound, and by cutting out the external noise to a great extent. Need a break from working at home, or just some quiet time? A waterfall or fountain will provde the perfect atmosphere for that.

These are just some of the ways to do a Philadelphia Pond Upgrade.  Try one or even a combination of the choices above to add a unique look to your ecosystem pond or water feature. AquaReale is specially trained in all the additions listed above, and we would be happy to work closely with you to come up with the best personalized solution for your space. Contact us today for more information.