We recommend exploratory pond cleanings when cleaning ponds we have not ever worked with or those we have not cleaned in the past two years.

Keeping your pond in excellent shape is crucial to maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. By doing an exploratory pond cleaning, we help secure the health and endurance of your pond.

What is an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

To put it simply, its a process that allows us to both clean your pond and to assess it for any issues you might have,   We drain the water, remove debris, and assess the overall health of your pond to determine where any improvements or adjustments might be helpful. Its a fantastic way to evaluate any potential underlying pond issues that could have a huge impact on a pond’s ecosystem health before they have a chance to manifest. We recommend this service for any ponds we have not cleaned in the past two years.

Why is this important to do?


Organic material like leaves and grass, even algae builds up over time and collects at the bottom of your pond, detracting from the visual appeal of your pond and creating an unhealthy aquatic environment  due to the impact on water quality.

Early Issue Detection:

Identifying problems like leaks or invasive plant species is made exponentially easier by an exploratory drain and clean. The service can even address potential issues with a pond’s filtration system by catching the problem before it starts.

Exploratory Cleaning for Water Quality:

After removing debris and addressing issues, the next important thing an exploratory drain and clean does is assist in maintaining optimal water quality, a vital aspect of a healthy pond ecosystem.

Exploratory Pond Cleaning for Aesthetic Appeal:

Well-maintained ponds are not only healthier for its ecosystem, they’re also  prettier to look at and help further increase the curb appeal of your house. With an exploratory drain and clean, your pond will once again become the stunning focal point of your outdoor space.

How Often Should You Schedule an Exploratory Pond Cleaning?

If you become a client  we just recommend this service once and then you can have a regular pond cleaning each year. We also recommend the maintenance package we think it best for your pond, which might be seasonal, monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the size and condition of your pond.

What Should You Expect?

Our team will begin the process of an exploratory drain and clean by draining your pond to ensure the safety of aquatic life. Then, we will remove accumulated debris like leaves, algae and other organic matter that builds up at the pond’s bottom. After that, we will evaluate your pond for any issues that might need addressing,

After the process is finished, our team of experts will provide you with information and recommendations on maintaining your pond’s health. This information includes regular maintenance and care tips to help keep your pond in tip-top shape. Contact AquaReale today for more information on an eexploratory pond cleaning and how to schedule one for your pond.